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"Hardcore Intel"    for the    Modern Prospector
  Resources for the prospector pick axe

Public Locations Public Locations
Popular swimming areas, waterfalls & dams.
Up-to-date USGS Data Up-to-date USGS Data
Current & past information right from the source.
Map & Satellite Imagery Map & Satellite Imagery
Map overlays for detailed researching.
Historical Discoveries Historical Discoveries
See where color was found
in the past.
Google Earth Interface Google Earth Interface
Export to Google maps and mobile.
Rivers and Streams Rivers & Streams
Real-time and past river flow conditions.
River Basins River Basins
Get to know your rivers
and their basins.

Educational Reading Educational Reading
The how, why, where, when and with what!
Consolidated Platform Consolidated Platform
Everything in one place!

Gold Map Maker Offers:

Fetaturing Gold Map Maker Fetaturing Gold Map Maker® for all levels of prospecting
  • An exclusive research library for gold prospecting in the State of Vermont providing a wide range of resources for the novice to the expert.

  • Presented through Google Earth, we offer an interactive central library that is designed to accomidate many types of media.
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Introducing Prospecting 101 Introducing..
Prospecting 101
  • Our very own detailed breakdown everything needed for successful gold prospecting in the State of Vermont.

  • Topics such as the rules, researching, tips, how-to’s, methods and equipment are included for YOUR gain.

  • And did we mention, we do this for free!

Our Mission

"Our objective is to provide success at prospecting for all."

"Why didn't someone think of this sooner!" -Dan P. from Cutchogue

"I saved hours of searching the web with Gold Map Maker for my latest prospect. Thanks GMM!" -Jeff F. from Richford

How Gold Map Maker Helps Find Gold

The purpose of Gold Map Maker is to provide an extensive library of resources to easily create detailed custom maps for your prospect. The selection of topics covered intend to provide land and river feature details, planning for access to areas, navigational landmarks and any available history to aid in all aspects of prospecting.

After a map has been created, it serves a great place to catalog personal discoveries and notes. All interaction with the library is done within Google Earth for a clean visual display of information. We are adding more information all the time and so far our library includes the following geography based catagories;

  • Major River Basins
  • Strategic River Basin Segments
  • USGS GNIS Database (geographic names)
  • State Parks
  • Mountains
  • Historical Gold Finds
  • Site Photos
  • Waterfalls
  • Dams
  • Popular Swimming Areas
  • Campgrounds
  • Radio Towers (inc cellular)
  • Railway Lines
  • Utility Power Lines
  • Utility Substations
  • Local Government Utilites
  • Stormsewer Infrastructure
  • Stormsewer Watershed Areas
  • Street Lights
  • USGS Waterwatch (real-time river levels)
  • State Topology Maps
  • Tectonic Map
  • Major Rivers Map
  • 2010 Bedrock Overburden
  • State Elevation Map
  • Surface Water on Relief Map
  • 1998 Metalic Resources Map
  • 1861 US Geological Survey (original map overlay + transcribed gold areas)
  • The Plymouth "5 Corners" Map
  • 1970 State Generalized Bedrock
  • 2006 Bedrock Units (interactive format)
  • 2011 USGS Scientific Investigations
  • Miles of Hiking Trail
  • All Trails for 5 Major Ski Resorts
  • Real-Time Earthquake Data
  • Real-Time New England Weather Map

To properly access the Gold Map Maker library, a Mac or PC with Google Earth 5 or later is required. The website is compatible with most browsers however IE, Chrome, Firefox or Safari will provide the best experience. An iOS device such as an iPhone (prefered), iPod, iPad or iPad Mini is required for the mobile downloads. iOS devices with cellular capability, which include GPS, are the best choice. These devices not only are great for navigation but are a great way to photo journal an expedition and automatically have GPS encoded into the image files. A program such as Google Picasa can be used for accessing and plotting GPS enabled photos into your Google Earth and overlay them where they were taken geographically.

As far as we can tell the following is your compatibility:

Operating System and browser: unknown on unknown

  • Website: Unknown, browser capability is undetermined
  • Library in Google Earth: Unknown or unsupported
  • Mobile downloads: Unsupported, not a mobile iOS device

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